Bob's handprint25 January 2014: Bob Inducted to the Hands of Fame!

At the Hands of Fame Park in Tamworth NSW, Bob was inducted into the Australian Country Music Hands Of Fame along with Dianne Lindsay and Graham Rodger.

The ceremony was hosted by noted writer/broadcaster Jon Wolfe, one of the directors of the Australian Country Music Foundation. Bob, Graham and Dianne imprinted their hands in the cement and then inscribed their names with special quills, handmade by Noel and Dawn Smith.

“I am so delighted to be included amongst all of these fabulous names and so many pioneers. As I walked around the park I reminisced about so many of the handprints of artists that I have played guitar for over the years…I got to 110 and then I lost count!” – Bob

Bob with cement covered hand

24 May 2011: 35th Australian Entertainment ‘MO’ Awards,
Best Instrumental or Vocal Instrumental Performer…and the winner is……BOB HOWE

Best Accompanying Band…and the co-winner is…THE TROJANS (Graham Simpson, Peter Kenny, Bob Howe)

11 May 2010: 34th Australian Entertainment ‘MO’ Awards,
Best Instrumental or Vocal Instrumental Performer
…and the winner is… BOB HOWE

Bob Howe with presenter Susie Elelman
Bob Howe with 35th Awards presenter Susie Elelman
Noel Scanlon and Bob Howe
Bob is congratulated by Noel Scanlon of
Bankstown Trotting Recreational Club, a sponsor of the 34th awards.

Bob receives his award from Bob KirchnerThursday 25th January at the


…a special industry award was presented to


The inscription reads “…in recognition of your musical skills and how you have brought them to bear over the years for the betterment of Australian country music and the artists you work with.”

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Photo above left: Bob receives his award from Bob Kirchner of the Country Music Bulletin.


30th Sept 2006:
Bob is honoured to be the recipient of the

Marketing Excellence Award

in the

Australian Country Recording Awards 2006.

He was also runner-up in the Instrumental section.

(the gorgeous SWEENEYKILLEEN) with ACRA certificates.

30th Australian Entertainment ‘MO’ Awards
Variety Vocal/Instrumental Performer of the Year

2005 MO Award

Presented 29 April 2006
at the Sydney Entertainment Centre
by ‘Maestro’ Tommy Tycho and Geoff Harvey

The Charlie Lamb Award for Excellence
in Country Music Journalism

in the Lifetime Achievement Category 2004
presented in Nashville, Tennessee by
Miss Brenda Lee

Bob Howe and Miss Brenda Lee at Belmont University
Film ClipWatch the 2004 Charlie Lamb Award being presented to Bob by Miss Brenda Lee
on May 28 at the 21st Annual International Country Music Conference…
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Bob Howe and Brenda LeeThe inscription reads…”The Charlie Lamb Award for Excellence in Country Music Journalism was established to honor the working journalists who have devoted their lives to this genre of music.
In recognition of his vast knowledge of country music, informative reporting and literary contributions, the 2004 “Lifetime Achievement Category” award goes to BOB HOWE. During his long and distinguished career, Howe columns and articles have appeared in a variety of publications internationally, as well as in his native country, Australia.
However, his most significant contribution may be in the realm of internet journalism. His website “Cowboys In Cyberspace” has long been a favorite destination for country music fans from around the world.
We take pride in acknowledging Bob Howe’s body of work as a contribution to the heritage and history of country music. Signed… Charlie Lamb, May 28, 2004, Gary and Peggy Walker, Award Founders. Presented under the auspices of Belmont University, Nashville.”
The Charlie Lamb Award 2004
Above L to R: Dr. James E. Akenson (ICMC), Bob Howe, Peggy & Gary Walker (from The Great Escape, award founders) Brenda Lee,
Craig Havighurst (contemporary category winner), Charlie Lamb, Dr. Don Cusic (Belmont University)


Alanna Nash, Charlie Lamb, Bob Howe
Mr Charlie Lamb (centre) with Alanna Nash (recipient of the Belmont University Curb Music Industry Country Music Book of the Year Award for
The Colonel – The Extraordinary Story Of Colonel Tom Parker And Elvis Presley
) and Lifetime Achievement winner Bob.

Vikki and Tony Page, Bob Howe, Karen Versace.
April 28: The Rotary Club of Galston honoured Bob, Helen Kay and Margaret Fagg with Community Service awards
for their involvement and contribution towards the success of the Galston Country Music Festival.
Pictured above, far left and right: Festival Directors, Vikki and Tony Page.
centre: Bob Howe and his wife, Karen.

Southern Hemisphere Country Music Awards 1982

(F.E.I.P. Victoria)
spokesmodel Nikki and Bob

FEIP awards


Most Popular Guitarist,

Most Popular Musician, and

Most Popular Newcomer

Most Popular Group – HOTSPUR

Presented at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl

in Melbourne, 17 January 1982

1982 FEIP winners
1982 Southern Hemisphere Country Music Awards winners
L to R: Dave Russell, Gene Bradley Fisk, Donna Fisk, Bob Howe, spokesmodel Nikki, Marshall Parker, John Faubel

Best Country Song – 1984 3CCC-FM songwriting contest
3CCC-FM songwriting contest - Bob with Marilyn Bennet

Other Nominations:-