Bob and Rob

Rob E.G. and Bob Howe

13 February 2014:

“About the same time that I took up the guitar, Australia’s chart-topping Instrumentalist ROB E.G. (Si Senor, Jezabel, 55 Days at Peking) had laid down his steel to become ROBIE PORTER, Australia’s all-time leading hit record producer (Daddy Cool, Marcia Hines, Tommy Emmanuel, Air Supply, Rick Springfield, Hush, Colleen Hewett and many more). Tonight I was delighted to welcome Robie back to the stage as a performer – the first time in Sydney for 42 years! The huge crowd at Canterbury Country loved his performance and, true to form, he also introduced another new local talent, Ben Ransom.

I’ve lost count of how many requests I’ve had over the years to play ’55 Days at Peking’ and it was an honour to play on-stage with the man himself.”

 Photo left by Tomi Graso.

 Photo below by Paul Thomas.
L to R: Bob Howe, Rob E.G., Nicki Gillis, ‘Neilly Rich’ (Matt & Amelia). 

Bob Howe, Rob E.G., Nicki Gillis, Neilly Rich