BOB sings BUCK!


Bob Howe has debuted his new “Tribute to BUCK OWENS” with a 40-minute performance at Club Central Hurstville in Sydney, Australia.

The audience ‘whooped & hollered’ and sang-along as Bob performed more than a dozen #1 hits by country music legend Buck Owens, including Act Naturally and Made In Japan.

As well as invoking Buck’s vocal style, Bob also recreated some of the twangin’ guitar of Buck and his right-hand man Don Rich, including the instrumental hit Buckaroo.

The show also featured anecdotes and stories from the life of Buck Owens, from his birth in Texas to success in the honky-tonks of Bakersfield, and on to worldwide acclaim with performances at Carnegie Hall and the Sydney Opera House. Not forgetting the TV hit show “Hee Haw”, the crowd delighted in the cornball humour of the Pickin’ & Grinnin’ segment.

Buck Owens closed many concerts with his chart-topping version of a rockin’ song about the little country boy “who played the guitar just like a-ringin’ a bell”. Bob Howe also chose to end his tribute with Johnny B. Goode, which also featured the musical prowess of the backing band and left the audience calling for “More!”