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New reviews for The Silver Collection:-



If you were lucky enough to have been around in the 50s and 60s when instrumental hits were in vogue, topping the worldwide hit parades, then you will be as excited as I was on hearing the new album by BOB HOWE called ‘The Silver Collection’.

It features twenty five unbelievably good and uniquely crafted tracks. Each tune from beginning to end paints its own musical picture.

Wait till you hear track eight which is a song mostly attributed to myself as being my greatest hit; but Bob will surprise you all, as he did to me, with a most imaginative version of I Remember You I have heard. It is sheer magic…as too are his interpretations of The Shadows tunes – Wonderful Land and Apache.

His rendition of Eric Clapton’s Tears In Heaven had me reaching for handfuls of tissues while Maria Elena made me feel warm and fuzzy as if I were transported to some exotic locale. Runaway has always been a favourite of mine – and Bob’s interpretation makes me feel happy. Even though Del Shannon’s lyric is melancholy, the music brings a smile to my dial. Whiter Shade Of Bach is a great classic and shines brightly again in the hands of Bob’s fine musicianship; as do all the tracks on this exquisite album.

Thanks for this Bob; it has earned a permanent place as music for journeys in my car.


Now hear this …I have just received a copy of Bob Howe’s new CD album titled ‘The Silver Collection’  let me tell you it is a superb performance by this Guitar Aficionado, with his takes of guitar favourites and even a touch of the classics, not forgetting some you-beaut harmonica , and an eclectic vocal version of old Chuck’s Roll Over Beethoven… if your a budding guitarist or already a rock god , you should get a copy of this. I have been so moved that I have (with Bob’s permission) used two of his tracks as my opening and closing themes for my radio show OZ Country (Sunday Nights at 7pm). To capture this magic for your ears go to his website