Hands of Fame

January 2014: Bob Inducted to the  Hands of Fame!

Bob's handprintAt the Hands of Fame Park in Tamworth NSW, Bob was inducted into the Australian Country Music Hands Of Fame along with Dianne Lindsay and Graham Rodger.

Bob started the day with a live radio interview with John Nutting on ABC North Queensland, talking about the Tamworth Festival and the events of the day. Then on to the Hands of Fame Park…

The ceremony was hosted by noted writer/broadcaster Jon Wolfe, one of the directors of the Australian Country Music Foundation. Bob, Graham and Dianne imprinted their hands in the cement and then inscribed their names with special quills, handmade from Tasmanian Blackwood by Noel Smith along with a Tasmanian Oak base and a presentation bag by Dawn Smith).

“I am so delighted to be included amongst all of these fabulous names and so many pioneers. As I walked around the park I reminisced about so many of the handprints of artists that I have played guitar for over the years…I got to 110 and then I lost count!” – Bob

Bob with cement covered hand

Bob, Graham, DianneDianne, Graham, Bob

imprintingHands Of Fame Parkwith Jon Wolfe

Pioneers handprints

At the beginning of the Hands of Fame, some of the Pioneers:
Tex Morton, Buddy Williams, Slim Dusty, Joy McKean, Rex Dallas…


Program18 January 2014:

At the Roll Of Renown concert at the Tamworth Town Hall this afternoon, Bob was named one of this year’s inductees to the Australian Country Music Hands Of Fame. The imprinting of the inductees takes place at the Hands of Fame Park, on the corner of Brisbane Street and Kable Avenue commencing at 10:30 am (after the Cavalcade) on Saturday 25th January.
“I am very honoured and looking forward to being in Tamworth on Saturday morning to put my imprint in the cement. Congratulations to fellow inductees Dianne Lindsay and Graham Rodger and thanks to the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame, Tamworth Regional Council and everyone I’ve worked with over the last 40 years. Cheers, Bob! “

Inductees certificates

Graham Rodger. Wayne Horsburgh (accepting on behalf of Bob Howe) and Dianne Lindsay
at the Tamworth Town Hall. Photo courtesy of the Country Music Bulletin.