From top, left to right: Rob Wilson, Nikki Gillis, Carol Donovan, SweeneyKilleen, Amber Lawrence
Amos Morris, Clelia Adams, Camille Te Nahu and Stuie French
Reg Pool, Adam Kilpatrick, Donna Boyd, Peter Pratt, Dwayne Elix
The Peckerheads (as the Peckerettes!), Adam gets lucky, Samantha McClymont
SweeneyKilleen, Sandra Humphries
Angela Hayden, SweeneyKilleen, Donna Boyd, Martin Oakes, Darren Colston, Leanda O'Brien, Adam Kilpatrick, Stuie French, Camille Te Nahu, Craig Byrne, Rebecca Lee Nye, Billy Bridge
Lee Forster, Carter & Carter, Darren Colston, Natalie Howard
Casey Watt, Michael King and baby Reuben
Ronni Rae Rivers, the Costa Brothers, Owen Blundell, Craig Giles, Shayne Parle
Royden Donohue, Tracy Coster, Judy and Ron Collingburn, Travis Sinclair
Stacey Morris, James Blundell, Shelley Evans.

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