Early press and reviews:

(Spaces, Bob Howe & Donna Jacobs, a) young and talented acoustic duo

(Nancy And The Cast)… a group which has won consistent acclaim in cabaret – THE STAGE and TELEVISION TODAY 23 Feb 1978

(In Elvis – The Stage Musical, the band) have no difficulty in coping with the different sounds of Presley’s music, from the early twangy guitars to later sophisticated big band music – SOUTHERN NEWS 17 Mar 1981

EX-CITY BOY SCOOPS COUNTRY AWARDS…Congratulations to former (at the time) Sydney country musician, singer and all round top entertainer BOBBY HOWE, now with Johnny Chester’s Hotspur based in Melbourne. Bobby scooped the pool at the Southern Hemisphere Country Music Awards for 1981-82. Bobby took out three awards, Most Popular Guitarist, Most Popular Musician, and Most Popular Newcomer. He also shared another award as Hotspur were voted Most Popular Group.
RAY BROWN, THE SUN 26 Jan 1982

Last Saturday was the launching of the band – Hot Diggity – and in one hit it established itself as the best cabaret showband in the country

On Record…

(Prime Country E.P.) all four tracks are good, but the outstanding one is Yakety Axe which is brilliant – RAY BROWN – THE SUN 8 Aug 79

An excellent showcase for Bob Howe’s talents in all departments

…quite honestly, it is damn good stuff. . .

…some very fine pluckin’ and gruntin’ … rather like this little disc

(On The Old G.P.) Bob Howe has established himself as one of this country’s top acoustic guitarists and some of his work on the LP will send shivers of appreciation through any country lovers soul – HEDLEY CHARLES – THE WEEKENDER 14 Mar 81

(Cowboy Blues E.P.)…instrumental tracks (and vocals), all of which would sound great on radio – BOB TAYLOR, ENCORE. APRIL 1981

…good tasteful music with feeling – BEN E. JOYNER, ACROSS COUNTRY

Hotspur deserve a mention for their top class work (on Love In The Meantime) – RAY BROWN, THE SUN 19 Nov 81

More Country Cream 1981

Bob Howe is one of our top acoustic guitarists and his fine work is heard to great advantage (on More Country Cream )

Bob Howe has just released his third EP (Rags To Riches) and like the others it very clearly defines his multiple talents in producing country sounds that equal any in Australia

One of country’s finest pickers…all four (tracks) were written by Bob, and establish him not only as a great picker, but also as a fine songwriter and vocalist – FEYNE WEAVER, THE SUN 13 Jan 83

(If You Don’t Like Slim Dusty) …a good song, but weird – NICK ERBY, NATIONAL COUNTRY MUSIC JAMBOREE RADIO SHOW 1983


“LENNON – The Musical of the Legend”

“Bob Howe deserves special credit for his splendid Liverpudlian Paul and outstanding musicianship.” – DAILY MIRROR

“I”d give my vote to Bob Howe who plays Paul McCartney. Ten points to Bob Howe.”  – TREVOR SINCLAIR, 2UW

“Bob Howe, as Paul McCartney, regularly had the audiences in stitches.”  – ILLAWARRA MERCURY

PAUL PORTRAYED ON STAGE “I particularly liked Bob Howe playing Paul McCartney with a touch of parody.” – SUN-HERALD

“Bob Howe is splendid as Paul McCartney.”  – JOHN HALL, 2BL

“Bob Howe establishes himself as Paul to great effect.”

“I enjoyed Bob Howe as Paul McCartney… some neat moments of character detail.”  – DAILY MIRROR

“Bob Howe has the mannerisms of Paul McCartney down to a fine art.”  – ALBERT AND LOGAN TIMES

“Bob Howe was a magnificent Paul McCartney.”  – SUNDAY SUN

Rock ‘n’ Roll and beyond…

Music business veteran and all-round nice guy Bob Howe is back in town after touring extensively overseas as Frank Ifield’s musical director. The former Festival Records promo man played Paul McCartney in the musical LENNON before he left town. Now he is joining the highly regarded rockabilly band The Mighty Guys

(THE BIG ROCK SHOW, Bargo Bowling Club – 19/5/90)
The next act was someone I hadn’t seen before: Bob Howe, who does a Buddy Holly tribute. The crowd by this time were really in the groove and when Bob did Holly’s old hit “Everyday” it became sing-along time. Howe cruised through the Holly standards with ease, showing what a great entertainer he is. His guitar licks also proved his versatility and he has in fact been the winner of three Southern Hemisphere FEIP Country Music Awards, having played with such country greats as Johnny Chester and DianaTrask, to name only two


Also at the Leagues Club a bit later on (1pm) is the Barbie Davidson Band. Barbie is from New Zealand but she’s got her pickers from all over. One of them is Bob Howe. Now he’s some kind of muso alright.
Mort Fist, Northern Daily Leader

Guitar legend joins show
Bob, how do you do it?…is what country music fans say about Bob Howe after being entertained by the extraordinarily talented singer and guitarist.
The man with the infectious smile will be appearing on the Reg Lindsay Nostalgia Night show at Wentworthville Leagues Club March 19 (1995).
He will be featured as one of the performers who were part of the Logie award-winning television show Reg Lindsay’s Country Homestead.
Back in 1978, a youthful Bob took over the guitar chair that was vacated by first Phil Emmanuel, then later his brother Tommy.

Alex Watt – Window Down: “…great harmonica playing by Bob Howe…”
Country Update magazine, Feb. 2006

Saturday Night Country Hottest Hits – Vol 2 “…unusual inclusions like Bob Howe’s LAST COWBOY WALTZ …quality songs that are a bit out of the ordinary…”
Country Update magazine, Feb. 2006

“Bob…you are one of my favourite guitar players…”

“There’s always a place for you on my stage Bob…”

Rugby Advertiser (U.K.) 29 July 2004
Rugby Advertiser (U.K.) 29 July 2004
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“…Multi-talented guitar picker and musical director Bob Howe has come up with a great little collection of western themed classic tunes. Packaged in a simple cardboard slipcase, it’s just right for travelling in the car….”
Ron Adsett, The Country Music Store

GO WEST“What a pleasant surprise! I have known Bob for many years now – more than I (we) care to remember. Bob is known as a hot guitarist, songwriter, producer, whatever, mainly in the country field. This is Bob’s first solo instrumental album and features eleven western-themed tracks, including a couple of Howe originals. The sound is authentic, with nods to the Shadows and lots of session players who were the backbone of those TV and movie westerns. Bob totes an Australian made Tomkins electric guitar plus Tomkins electric bass, and adds assorted acoustic guitars, classical guitars, mandolins, banjos, harmonicas, keyboards and percussion. More please, Bob! Visit Bob’s website at www.bobhowe.com to order your copy pronto!”
Issue #09 of 2 GOOD 4 WORDS, Geoff Jermy’s Australian Instrumental Newsletter


Recent press and reviews:

Bob Howe - The Silver Collection 2015THE SILVER COLLECTION

“…If you were lucky enough to have been around in the 50s and 60s when instrumental hits were in vogue, topping the worldwide hit parades, then you will be as excited as I was on hearing the new album by BOB HOWE called ‘The Silver Collection’. It features twenty five unbelievably good and uniquely crafted tracks. Each tune from beginning to end paints its own musical picture.

Wait till you hear track eight which is a song mostly attributed to myself as being my greatest hit; but Bob will surprise you all, as he did to me, with a most imaginative version of I Remember You I have heard. It is sheer magic…as too are his interpretations of The Shadows tunes – Wonderful Land and Apache.

His rendition of Eric Clapton’s Tears In Heaven had me reaching for handfuls of tissues while Maria Elena made me feel warm and fuzzy as if I were transported to some exotic locale. Runaway has always been a favourite of mine – and Bob’s interpretation makes me feel happy. Even though Del Shannon’s lyric is melancholy, the music brings a smile to my dial. Whiter Shade Of Bach is a great classic and shines brightly again in the hands of Bob’s fine musicianship; as do all the tracks on this exquisite album.

Thanks for this Bob; it has earned a permanent place as music for journeys in my car.” – Frank Ifield (website)

“…Then came one of Australia’s super Guitarists and vocalists, Mr. Bob Howe and what a night of entertainment this turned out to be! His playing of these strings was simply beyond belief! To be honest, I have heard the guitar played so many times, and I mean by some of the very best…but what we heard this night and later in an encore performance simply astounded everyone who was fortunate to be present! I rate Bob Howe 10+ out of 10. I know that 10 is the top…but he is so much better than that!” (On-board ms Oosterdam, Feb. 2013)
– Reuben Goossens, www.cruise-australia.com

Capital News Sept 2012 pages

“…Over the years, he’s performed extensively in both the United States and England. But that’s nothing compared with his recent travels. These days, Bob’s frequently found aboard a luxury ocean liner in some far-flung corner of the world, entertaining the passengers with a combination of his impressive musical talents and his engaging persona.

…Colour My World is an eclectic mix of the kinds of music Bob loves, from the psychedelic title track, originally made famous by PETULA CLARK to Bob’s bluegrass take on his favourite Western TV themes and his gorgeous version of the Irish classic Purple Heather.”
– Susan Jarvis, Country Music Capital News Sept. 2012

– No Band Here Till Friday

“Whoever said country isn’t country anymore forgot to tell Bryen Willems – he’s still proudly sticking to old school rules… The playing on the album is sensational, which is of little surprise considering the calibre of the personnel – Allan Tomkins, Tomi Graso and Bob Howe to name a few of the musicians… This is definitely a must have album for those who like their country music the way it used to be.” – Matt Lawrence, Oz Country Chronicles

Bob Howe - Colour My World 2011COLOUR MY WORLD – BOB HOWE

“BOB HOWE is one of Australia’s most respected musicians, and the reasons for his popularity are very evident on his new album, which brings his musical talents and warm personality to bear on an eclectic selection of classic songs. The album features a number of superb instrumental tracks, all interpreted by Bob with style and great taste, as well as technical brilliance…”

“…There’s something slightly retro and at the same time very cool about this album, which is a sheer joy to listen to.”

– Susan Jarvis,  Capital News magazine Oct 2011

“…This proved to be just what the doctor ordered. I could feel myself smiling with delight as I heard some real music from a master’s fingertips….I loved the whole album and urge you to get one for your own listening pleasure.  Congratulations – This is excellent Bob!” – Frank Ifield (website)

Nicki Gills + Bob Howe 2009


“…this collection is an interesting look at ten pop and rock songs through this country tinged duet collaboration …opening with Richard Thompson’s ‘Wall of Death’ there is an element of the fabulous Seekers vocal group arrangements…even the Everly Brothers track ‘The Price of Love’ (is) treated to Bob Howe’s best Hank Marvin guitar. It’s wonderful to hear these two together…”
 – Rosie Adsett, Country Update,  Issue 56 (March 2010)

Collaboration: “…something very different…Bob has husky country vocals and Nicki’s voice is powerful and crystal clear…You can’t help but hum along and tap your feet to this CD.” – Dave Walker in Country Routes magazine

“Superb and remarkably beautiful material from our Commonwealth and expatriate neighbours….throughout the ten tracks of this album you cannot stop your head from nodding and the toes tapping along to the sublime instrumentals that find themselves accompanying Nicki and Bob’s heavenly vocals. If the Gods of Olympus could play one particular album, I’m pretty sure this would be it.” – Russell Hill, Maverick Magazine (U.K) Nov. 2009

“The project is an absolute delight…a little gem of a recording.”
– Susan Jarvis, Country Music Capital News (Australia) Oct. 2009

“What a week for country music on the coast. We caught Rob Wilson and Bob Howe at the Wyong RSL, Bill Chambers at The Lakes Hotel, and The Round Mountain Girls at Bateau Bay Hotel. Bob and Rob were both fantastic. We don’t often get to hear country instrumentals but Bob is a master at instrumentals and treated the audience to several.”
– Central Coast Country Music Sept. 2010

Bob Howe - Classic Twang 2007BOB HOWE – CLASSIC TWANG

“Bob is best known for his country stuff, but this CD contains everything from rock to jazz and more. Opening with what sounds like a continuation of Brian Setzer’s last effort, is a vocal with lengthy instrumental breaks courtesy Beethoven and Tchaikovsky – this track is ‘over the top’! From there on, each track is treated in an interesting way, using a variety of guitars, harmonica, piano, brass and other instruments, all handled by Bob. Kenny Kitching and Tomi Graso guest on steel guitar and dobro. No doubt about it, this is a GREAT CD. My favourites include Ashokan Farewell (is there a bad version of this? – the Emmanuels and Al Casey have also recorded it), Peter Gunn (great arrangement), and the Paganini and Dvorak tracks. Love the artwork, Bob! “
– Geoff Jermy, 2 GOOD 4 WORDSAustralian Instrumental Newsletter

  “…qui se laissent tous écouter sans déplaisir, même par un béotien”.
Bernard Boyat, LE CRi DU COYOTE, issue 106.

Emma Hannah - Wayfaring Stranger 2006EMMA HANNAH
– Wayfaring Stranger

“…however, my pick of he songs are the traditional Negro spiritual, All My Trials, and the gorgeous Amazing Grace, which are both sung by Emma with clarity and dignity.
The talented Bob Howe is not only the producer of this delightful album, he did arrangements for the songs, and played guitar. I was cranky and stressed when I started listening to Wayfaring Stranger, but by the time the album had finished I was a much calmer and nicer person!”
– Rosie Adsett, Country Update magazine – August 2006

CD cover


“This little three track offering was a wonderful surprise because I’d just about thought that the art of the recorded monologue was dead.
Frank delivers two classics – I’m A Rolling Stone and You’ll Never Be Missed – and one I’d not heard before – Daddy, You Know What – with panache and a beautifully emotional delivery that is enhanced by Bob Howe’s understated musical arrangements and choral backing from Wayne Horsburgh, Amber Lawrence and Bob himself.
I suggest you add this to your collection – it’s a ‘must have’ for anyone with a heart and a soul. Fantastic Frank!
– Jon Wolfe, Australasian Country News

Downunder Takeover!
“Loads of Aussies hit Nashville recently….listening to the Tomkins’ Aussie showcase…I was proud to hear the excellent country guitar of Bob Howe, shuffling the beejesus out of classic country songs, along with Alan Tomkins and Peter Figures.”
Audrey Auld Newsletter, June 2008