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Cowboys In Cyberspace - February 2002

"And the Winner is . . ."

Now that the Tamworth Festival is over, there is a veritable mass of information to circulate, with the winners of the Golden Guitars being just the tip of the iceberg (if only there was an iceberg in the Tamworth summer!). In the February issue of Capital News you'll find the results of many of the award presentations. Other results will no doubt appear in the News pages of the CMAA and NfS Web sites, while here at the Cowboys In Cyberspace site will endeavour to link you to not only the news, but also every site that contains stories and photos from the Festival, including the extensive Telstra Webcasts and the Toyota Web coverage.
Don't miss our own TAMWORTH 2002 PHOTO ALBUM!

Audrey Auld & Fred Eaglesmith

If you caught to the International Singer Songwriter Concert Series in Tamworth, Sydney or Melbourne, you might like to explore the Web sites of FRED EAGLESMITH, JIM LAUDERDALE, KIM RICHEY, JASON MCCOY (look for Jason's Australian Journal!) and AUDREY AULD. Fred Eaglesmith has an excellent site and a particularly active band of Internet fans, known as the Fredheads! His latest album, Live in Santa Cruz: Ralph's Last Show is available via Audrey's RECKLESS RECORDS Web site. There you will also find links and pictures from Audrey's recent trip to America, which she describes as 'the best time of my life'. You can also listen to the Nashville Public Radio show she did with Fred Eaglesmith and Oh Susannah.

Kasey & cyberBob
Things happen fast on the Web: If you had signed up for the Cowboys In Cyberspace E-mail newsletter, you would have known that GARTH BROOKS took part in a Web chat last month, live from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The full text of the chat is now available in the MSN archives. If you entered via our link, you would also have had a chance to win a copy of his latest album Scarecrow, courtesy of EMI Australia and Cowboys In Cyberspace. Don't fret: If you were quick, you could have entered our latest competition. We gave away five signed copies of Not Pretty Enough, the single from the fabulous KASEY CHAMBERS.

If you want to share the location of an interesting site you've seen or request a topic for discussion in future columns, why not E-mail me.

barbed wire
barbed wire
barbed wire


SHANIA TWAIN: The Platinum Collection & The Specials (DVDs)


DVD cover
DVD cover

This is the first time that any SHANIA TWAIN videos or TV specials have been made available commercially on DVD. The Platinum Collection features 21 of Shania's music videos in chronological order, from her first single What Made You Say That to Rock This Country. Watch the transformation as her music becomes more and more sophisticated and the videos more sexy and elaborate. My favourite clip will always be the humorous Man! I Feel Like A Woman, with its reverse take on the Robert Palmer Addicted to Love video. The Platinum Collection is definitely well named.

The Specials DVD includes her two hugely successful 1999 TV specials in their entirety. Shania Twain's Winter Break, taped in Florida and Ontario, features guest appearances by Elton John and the Backstreet Boys. While Elton John seems to duet with nearly as many partners as Willie Nelson these days, this union really works. Shania Twain: Come On Over was recorded at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and includes her international hits You're Still The One, That Don't Impress Me Much, From This Moment On and Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You). She also takes you behind-the-scenes with the Dallas football team and the Cowboy Cheerleaders.

An absolute bonanza for Shania Twain fans!

Universal (80 mins & 90 mins)

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