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Cowboys In Cyberspace - March 2002

"Back Home Again"

So here we are again, and the Tamworth Festival is over. Let's see what we can round up about the Festival on the Internet. The CMAA Web has all the official photos of the Golden Guitar winners taken on Awards night, while the COWBOYS IN CYBERSPACE photo album has several candid shots and many more from around the Festival. Karen O'Shea with TIARATerry Phillpot (Eyeball Photoimages) has some great shots that include the TIARA awards night, and HELEN'S TAMWORTH RAGE PAGE has not only a huge range of Tamworth photos, but also a wide range of other news and gig information. KEN DATE, self-styled Sydney's coolest country DJ, has published his personal view of the Festival.

I'll add even more links to this list as I find them, including...
Country Creative Image,
and the new Alby Pool site.

TIARA Female Vocalist of the Year, KAREN O'SHEA (pictured left) has launched her stylish new Web site. After collecting her award and stunning Tamworth audiences with her powerful voice, Karen made the trip to Sydney in February to appear at the Canterbury Country Tamworth Recovery Party. A huge crowd gathered to watch a diverse array of stars revive the Festival spirit, including Victorian Awards Male Vocalist TIM WOOD, and Karen topped the night off in fine style. Another great singer with a brand new Web site is Golden Guitar finalist DANIEL THOMPSON.

Once again the stars with guitars came out in Tamworth for the acoustic DEGRUCHY GUITAR SHOWCASE at The Pub and Jason McCoy at the Tomkins Showcasethe electric TOMKINS GUITAR SHOWCASE at West Tamworth Leagues Club. One of the many surprise guests at the TOMKINS show was Canadian star JASON MCCOY (pictured right). While he was here, Jason wrote a short journal of his Australian visit that was published daily on his Web site and now there is also a slideshow of his Australian visit. Meanwhile, one of the guest stars from previous years, DALE WATSON, made a couple of appearances on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville last year. You can watch Dale and his new Tomkins Guitar at the Opry via the site of his steel guitarist, RICKY DAVIS. While you are there, check out the video of Ricky demonstrating his pedal steel techniques. Another one for all you pickers out there.

If you want to share the location of an interesting site you've seen or request a topic for discussion in future columns, why not E-mail me.

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Bonus CD ROM

Compass Brothers

I Would Go Anywhere

Songbird Australia


If you were one of the keen fans that snapped up the first copies of the ADAM BRAND CD, Built For Speed, you would have found a Limited Edition bonus CD ROM inside the case. It contains 6 clips taken from the Beating Around the Bush -Live Video, and is guaranteed to make fans want to buy the whole Video. The CD ROM will run in a Windows or Mac computer, or you can listen to the audio in a normal CD player. If your computer doesn't have the necessary software (in this case QuickTime), your machine will detect this and offer to install it for you straight from the CD ROM. Very thoughtful. If you still have problems, find the README.TXT file on the disc (and this tip applies to most other software too) and double-click it to read more details.


TRISHA HICKS released a Video CD Single late last year. It too, will play in a normal audio player, but pop it into a Windows computer and a small menu will let you choose between watching the lovely video of the title track or listening to the other two songs on the disc. The software needed is also provided and this time, look for the INFO.TXT file if you need help. Mac users haven't been forgotten either. Something different for your collection.

Compass Brothers CDs distributed by Festival Mushroom Records. Adam Brand LIVE Video available from Songbird Australia - PO Box 598, Cobram VIC 3644.



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