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Cowboys In Cyberspace - June 2002

"Quick as a Click"

One of the best things about the World Wide Web is the potential for the immediate exchange of information. For example, no sooner did we get the exciting news that our own JEDD HUGHES was to appear on the Grand Ole Opry with PATTY LOVELESS, messages of congratulations began to appear in the 'Guest Book' of Jedd's Web site from his friends, family and fans. Next, it was possible to hear the show relayed via Radio WSM on-line and, thanks to loyal Saturday Night Country listener Judith Williams, a photo of Jedd (on the left, playing mandolin) and Patty onstage soon appeared on the Cowboys in Cyberspace home page (here's another one, above).

KEITH GLASS and Wayne PerkinsMore live feeds: A little further south, KEITH GLASS was singing his songs at the Kaffeeklatsch Bar in Huntsville, Alabama who have a nightly Webcast and a little later photos came through (thanks 'Ain't B') of Keith (left) on stage at The Oasis in Birmingham, Alabama with Muscle Shoals studio legend Wayne Perkins (on right).

A little closer to home, JOHN WILLIAMSON chatted on-line with his fans via MSN (Click Here for the Transcript). Questions centered on JW's new album 'Gunyah' and the inspiration behind the new songs and some of his classics. Fans where also curious about his musical heroes and, of course, when John would be touring in their neck of the woods. John's Web site provides details of his forthcoming shows, here and overseas, plus samples from 'Gunyah'.

There are plenty of other new and updated sites for you to check out this month. Here are just some of them:

GREG CHAMPION has caused a bit of a stir with the gospel-tinged theme of his latest album 'Shady Tree'. Given that many songs are of a serious nature, coupled with the acoustic nature of Rod McCormack's excellent production, you would be forgiven in thinking that this was a case of 'O Comedy, Where Art Thou?' In actual fact, Greg's mellifluous singing manner lends itself perfectly to this folky style, no more evident than on the duet track with Jane Saunders. At Greg's Web site you can read an interesting selection of 'Shady Tree' reviews, ranging from the thoughts of a fan to those of the world Media.

CD CoverWhile we have had the chance to enjoy the outstanding 'Rocking Horse to Mars' album for a while now, we can now also check out KIM CHESHIRE on the Web. You'll find a biography of Kim's diverse career, samples, lyrics, and his comprehensive notes about every track. Look too, for the photos of his first band, through to The Danglin Bros, The Wheel, and his most recent incarnation, King Horse.

If you like your country with a slant towards the raw and honest side, check out the new E-zine COW PUNK QUARTERLY. While its writers Wat Tyler and Eddie Greenaway admit that the title is a bit misleading (being neither about the Cow Punk genre or indeed, quarterly) one quick worthwhile visit to the site will give you an insight into their alternative take on Australian country.

A tale of two Debbies: DEBBIE GRACE is Brisbane girl with a passion for songwriting that has seen her collecting a swag of awards. Her recent duet with Rikki Chaplin made an appearance on the Australian Country Music Top 30 Chart. DEBBIE-LEE is from Leeton in NSW and has just released a new single, 'Turn Back Jimmy Creek'. She loves singing and being in front of the camera. What do they have in common? You guessed it: new Web sites.

Lucinda Williams toured the U.S. in April with another Australian singer as her 'special guest'. This time it was Sydney-born, but now LA based songwriter, ANNE McCUE. If you are intrigued, you can find out more at Anne's Web site.

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