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Cowboys In Cyberspace - November 2002

"Virtual Renovations"

Continuing on from last month's theme, we look at even more recently renovated Web sites and some brand new ones too:

COMPASS BROS is the name of the record label and their site has recently been revamped. The Home page has an updated News segment to keep you updated with all their artists. As expected, you'll find separate sections for Melinda Schneider and Adam Brand. Melinda's site includes reviews of her fabulous new album Happy Tears plus the lyrics and MP3 samples.

Melinda Schneider and Rick Price - photo: Bob Howe
Melinda is pictured here at her album launch, toasting co-writer Rick Price.

The A.C.M.L.A. (Australian Country Music Listeners Association) are very proud of their new site. You'll find lots of news and reviews of Australian artists there and the history behind the Association.

SHANE FLEW is a familiar name on the local Country scene due to his past work with The Flood, Troy Cassar-Daley, the Feral Swing Katz, John Williamson and many other artists. His debut CD 7,000 Miles is out now and a new phase of this long and winding career has begun. Read more about the songs, hear samples and read the lyrics at Shane's new Website.

TRAVIS COLLINS is a new name to some, but he's been building a reputation around Sydney. This young man has recently been furthering his skills via the Talent Development Project and Country stardom is surely not far away.

Beccy Cole, Travis Collins, Felicity, Raebekah Roycroft, Kieran Lancini
(pictured above: ) Beccy Cole, Travis Collins, Felicity, Raebekah Roycroft, Kieran Lancini...

CRIS CUDDY has been known in the past by his alter egos of Max Mouse and Jeremy Dormouse. As a solo artist he has previously recorded albums such as The East Nashville Sessions, and his latest release is titled Come Along Carmelita. You can hear full-length versions of these and his other work at his three Web sites. On the liner notes of his latest CD, Cris thanks his mentor, the great singer and songwriter Mickey Newbury for advice and inspiration.

MICKEY NEWBURY sadly passed away on 29th September. This legendary songwriter is paid tribute by the many fans that converse via the message board at his Web site (click on the lampshade when you get there). You get an idea of how well revered his songs were when you check the Discography page and find the list of over 500 cover versions of his compositions by 380 artists!

The 6th Annual Australian Festival was recently Nashville! Festival entertainment included The Digeri-don'ts, Pru Clearwater, Kevin Greaves, Sally Burgess and the LeGarde Twins amongst others. Co- presenting the Festival were the Nashville Kangaroos Aussie Rules football team. Intrigued? Find out more at their Web site.


barbed wire
barbed wire
barbed wire
DVD cover

Warner Vision Australia

At the age of 70 and still topping the charts with compilations and new albums, one can hardly doubt that JOHNNY CASH is one of the defining artists of the Country Music genre. This documentary movie was shot mostly in 1969, a year that saw a global breakthrough in his celebrity, and it was first shown on cinema screens in Britain. It features an insightful look at the career of Johnny Cash at that time, in the studio: the mixing sessions for The Holy Land spiritual LP and rare film of a duet with Bob Dylan singing Dylan's 1964 classic One Too Many Mornings; live concert footage: a tour of Tennessee with Carl Perkins and the Carter Family; and the Country Music Association awards ceremony at the Ryman Auditorium in 1969 where he won Album of the Year for Live at Folsom Prison. There is also a local prison concert included here with stark behind the scenes footage.

The camera follows Johnny and his newlywed wife June Carter backstage, into their home and on several remarkable journeys: returning to Johnny's childhood home in Dyess, Arkansas, greeting kinfolk, and visiting the site of the 1890 Sioux Indian massacre at Wounded Knee. The inspiration for several of his songs is brought to life and the camera captures many honest and touching moments revealing much about his personality. The music is direct and powerful, just like the man. A classic year in the life of a great artist.

Warner Vision Australia 0927406722 (80 Mins)



  • Ring Of Fire
  • Land Of Israel
  • Daddy Sings Bass
  • Folsom Prison Blues
  • Five Feet High & Rising
  • Blue Suede Shoes
  • Remember The Alamo
  • The Walls Of A Prison
  • Great Speckled Bird
  • Jackson
  • Orange Blossom Special
  • Blistered
  • Ballad Of Ira Hayes
  • Big Foot
  • Were You There When They Crucified My Lord
  • Cisco Clifton's Fillin' Station
  • Busted
  • One Too Many Mornings
  • Big River
  • Long Black Veil
  • You're All I Need
  • The Devil To Pay

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