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Cowboys In Cyberspace - March 2003

"Industrial Strength"

This month we will focus on just a few of the many Web sites designed for members of the Music Industry, that also contain information of interest for fans as well.

The CMAA, the Country Music Association of Australia, have a new address for their site, which is nice and easy to remember. Inside you'll find the largest resource of information relevant to our industry including a weekly news report (plus archives of previous news), details on all the festivals in Australia and the extremely useful new guide to Country Music on the radio. Find out when your local community station schedules your favourite music.

NfS Publicity is well known within the industry for distributing compilations of Country singles to radio and the media. At their site you can find information about many of the new tracks you're hearing on the radio plus links to a selection of Charts, local and overseas, plus lists of current Award winners and nominees.

Milly Petriella, Adam Brand, Sally Howland APRA, the Australasian Performing Right Association, collect performance royalties for composers and songwriters. Their site contains a wealth of information for working and aspiring writers. A very useful feature is the Works Search where you can find out who wrote a particular piece, while members are able to update their own list of compositions on-line. APRA held several informative workshops for songwriters during the Tamworth Festival that featured special guests talking about their careers as songsmiths. These included Tamara Stewart, Fred Eaglesmith, Nash Chambers and Adam Brand who is pictured here with APRA managers Milly Petriella (left) and Sally Howland.

ARIA, the Australian Record Industry Association, produces not only the weekly pop charts, but also specific charts covering many other genres of music, including R&B, Dance, Heavy Rock & Metal, Jazz, Classical and of course Country. Find out who the best selling artists are and who has gone Gold and Platinum!

IMMEDIA! is a diversified entertainment company with colourful industry identity Phil Tripp at the helm. Their site contains a diversity of music biz news and events and they are best known for their printed and online versions of the AustralAsian Music Industry Directory. While not as specialised as our own Directory of Australian Country Music, it is however the most comprehensive listing of overall industry contacts available. The on-line version is updated every fortnight making it easy for subscribers to access the latest correct personnel and companies.

Finally a few new and updated sites:

NIRS, the National Indigenous Radio Service, provides a supplement to indigenous media organizations, assisting them to broadcast 24-hour high quality content. What this means to you the listener, is that you may have a local community radio station that relays the National Indigenous News Service plus, at various times, programs that include Country Music from stations such as PAKAM in Broome, Umeewarra Media in Port Augusta and 4AAA Murri Country in Brisbane. At their Web site you can find out exactly which stations are participating and also download the detailed program guide.

Michael Fix and Belinda Miller 4AAA were one of several stations broadcasting audio from backstage at the Golden Guitar awards while yours truly, cyberBob, was uploading the award winners photos to the Cowboys In Cyberspace Web site just seconds after they were presented. The magic of the Internet! That photo album is still viewable, plus our list of post-Tamworth links. Pictured right is 4AAA's Belinda Miller congratulating instrumentalist Michael Fix on his latest Golden Guitar win.

Speaking of instrumentalists, another of our finest musical talents and a world-class guitarist, PHIL EMMANUEL has a new Web site. Highly recommended as the place to watch for news on Phil's gigs and album releases. As music historian Glenn A. Baker eloquently puts it, "...his passion is illuminating, his ability is breathtaking".

Until next month, happy surfing!

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