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Cowboys In Cyberspace - April 2003

"Celebrity Surfer"

This month we asked 2003 CMAA Golden Guitar Award Female Vocalist of the Year MELINDA SCHNEIDER to name her five favourite on-line locations. Here's what she told us:
  1. This is the Web site of my record label. Here you will find pages on Adam Brand, Brendon Walmsley, Michael Carr, Red Rivers and myself. I often look up this site to see where my fellow stable mates are performing around Australia and the site also includes some of our favourite links!

  2. This site is really handy if you own a dog and want to take him or her away with you. There are some great suggestions of B & B's, hotels, motels and camping sites that are all dog friendly. This is my kind of holiday! I have 2 black Kelpie/Lab crosses, sisters Rosie and Daisy. Perhaps you saw us all on TV's Harry's Practice?

  3. If you believe that your dreams have hidden meanings, then this site is for you. I am quite into that sort of thing, so whenever I have an unusual dream I look it up on this site. Fascinating stuff!

  4. This has been such a popular site of late. There are some really cool interviews by all of your favourite country music artists, as well as competitions and live performances. Very cool!

  5. This is my favourite fashion label at the moment. I absolutely swear by their jeans (well not in front of my mother, ha ha). But seriously, they have a very funky yet classic denim range that I love. Check it out and let's go shopping!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing with us Melinda. Great choices from a beautiful, fashionable, pet-loving singer who knows that dreams can come true.

Until next month, happy surfing!


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barbed wire
barbed wire
barbed wire
barbed wire
DVD cover
The AV Channel / Umbrella Entertainment

Originally released in 1967, this movie features comic actor Doodles Weaver as Colonel Beetlebomb, reminiscent of the goofball character (Professor Feitlebaum) he played in his days with Spike Jones' band. His movie producer boss sends him to Nashville to sign up talent for an upcoming feature on Country Music. This slender plot is just an excuse to show us 38 songs, mostly by legendary Country stars and a few lesser-known acts.

Marty Robbins kicks off the music and features heavily throughout (he was also an Associate Producer of the movie). Check out the fashions: Porter Wagoner in his flashy Nudie suit, the spangled Hank Snow and Connie Smith in a metallic lame jumpsuit and bouffant hairdo. Some of the performances are notable for their rarity: Kitty Wells and her show, Webb Pierce, 'Pretty Miss Norma Jean' (who Wagoner would soon replace in his show with Dolly Parton) and a young clean shaven Waylon Jennings singing Anita, You're Dreaming. Watch too for the unforgettable performances by The Stoneman Family with a hyperactive Donna on mandolin while Pop Stoneman keeps time in his rocking chair.

There are also several moments that make this a 'must see': Lefty Frizzell singing I Love You A Thousand Ways, the Osborne Brothers' rolling Up This Hill and Down, and Johnny Cash with the Carter Family and Where You There (When They Crucified My Lord). A wonderful time capsule of mid-sixties Nashville.


  1. Introduction/Opening Credits
  2. Count Me Out - Marty Robbins
  3. Devil Woman - Marty Robbins
  4. Instrumental - The Stonemans
  5. You Ain't No Better Than Me - Webb Pierce
  6. Love's Something I Can't Understand - Webb Pierce
  7. Anita, You're Dreaming - Waylon Jennings
  8. Annie Lou - Don Winters
  9. Back To Me - Bobby Sykes
  10. Cutting Room Floor - Quinine Gumpstump & Buck
  11. Is Love Worth All The Heartache - Kitty Wells Show
  12. Put It Off Until Tomorrow - Bill Phillips
  13. A Woman Half My Age - Kitty Wells
  14. Dreams - Faron Young
  15. I Miss You Already - Faron Young
  16. I Love You A Thousand Ways - Lefty Frizzell
  17. Never Get Over Loving You - Connie Smith
  18. For Just A Moment - Margie Singleton
  19. Po' Folks - Bill Anderson
  20. I Love You Drops - Bill Anderson
  21. Would You Hold It Against Me - Dottie West
  22. Here Comes My Baby - Dottie West
  23. Working My Way Through A Heartache - Marty Robbins
  24. Begging To You - Marty Robbins
  25. Send Me A Letter - The Stoneman Family
  26. Cripple Creek - The Stoneman Family
  27. I've Been Everywhere - Hank Snow
  28. Just A Faded Petal From A Beautiful Bouquet - Hank Snow
  29. Up This Hill and Down - Osborne Brothers
  30. Be Alright Tomorrow - Osborne Brothers
  31. Howdy Neighbour - Porter Wagoner
  32. Skid Row Joe - Porter Wagoner
  33. I Wouldn't Buy A Used Car From Him - Norma Jean
  34. I Walk The Line - Carter Family
  35. Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord) - Johnny Cash (w/Carter Family)
  36. The One On The Right - Johnny Cash
  37. Nobody But A Fool - Connie Smith
  38. El Paso - Marty Robbins

Umbrella Entertainment DAVID0082 (88 Mins)


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