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Cowboys In Cyberspace - May 2003

"Keeping Tabs"

No, this isn't a tutorial on what that TAB key does on your computer! This month we look at using the Internet to follow the careers of some of our much-travelled performers:
Greg Quill and Kerryn Tolhurst in New York
Greg Quill and Kerryn Tolhurst in New York
(photo: Diane Bondareff)

In Australia we remember GREG QUILL as leader of the band Country Radio and co-writer of their memorable hit song Gypsy Queen. In Canada, since the late 1970s, most people know him as one of that country's leading cultural journalists and as senior arts writer at the Toronto Star. KERRYN TOLHURST was his co-songwriter back in the Country Radio days and shortly after was an integral part of The Dingoes, co-writing many of their hits including the classic Way Out West. When that band split in 1979 during a U.S. trip, Kerryn stayed on in New York writing hit songs for Pat Benatar and The Little River Band amongst others and establishing himself as an independent producer and session musician. The influence of Country Radio and The Dingoes should not be underestimated as they pioneered the fusion of Australian bush balladry, folk, country and R&B that endures to this day. Greg and Kerryn are now reunited on disc, the aptly titled So Rudely Interrupted, and have also recently completed a short tour of Australia. Find out more about their diverse careers at their Web sites.

From Benalla, Victoria to Branson, Missouri has been an exciting continuing journey for

Donna Boyd, WAYNE, Karen O'Shea
Donna Boyd, WAYNE, Karen O'Shea (Photo: Bob Howe)

Currently he is once again proudly representing Australia at America's Largest International Festival, World-Fest 2003 at Silver Dollar City in Branson. This year Wayne is also the headline act in Echo Hollow Homecoming, a full production show that is the high point of each day's entertainment in their 4,000-seat amphitheatre. Wayne will take a short break to attend Fan Fair in Nashville where he has exhibited for 13 years in a row. Last year his achievements in the USA also included yodelling for 25,000 fans at the Hodag Country Festival in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Wayne returns to Australia each year to tour, recording most of his albums here. One of those, Land of Enchantment, recently received rave reviews from as far away as the U.K. You can follow Wayne's travels and accomplishments via his Web site.

Until next month, happy surfing!

barbed wire
barbed wire
barbed wire
barbed wire
DVD cover
The AV Channel / Umbrella Entertainment

JOHNNY CASH: a life lived to the full, and a life full of Country Music. In fact, listening to the tributes on this DVD, you get the sense that Johnny Cash IS Country Music! Were not talking about the opinion of just a documentary producer or narrator here; George Jones, Willie Nelson, Billy Bob Thornton, Kris Kristofferson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Marty Stuart, Glen Campbell and even Judy Collins, they all agree.

This DVD collection includes two programs: Johnny Cash: The Anthology (54 min.) and Half Mile a Day (89 min.), which detail the incredible six-decade career of this 11-time Grammy winning artist. The first program compiles compelling live performances of many of his greatest hit songs, interspersed with tributes and anecdotes from his famous friends. The rare archival footage ranges from the brash, youthful Cash through to the elder statesman that was rediscovered by yet another generation in the nineties via his American Recordings series.

The two films are from the same production source so there is a small duplication of material, but unless you watch them back-to-back you will hardly notice. The second program is a more detailed look at his life: his family upbringing, the early and well-documented hell-raisin' days, his redemption in the hands of God and the arms of June Carter and the continuing career that has made him " of the most imposing and influential figures in the history of music." Emotional and real, a true living legend.

Folsom Prison Blues
Big River
Five Feet High and Risin'
Cry, Cry, Cry
I Walk the Line
Orange Blossom Special
Ring of Fire
Man in Black
A Boy Named Sue
Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down
If I Were a Carpenter
Daddy Sang Bass
A Bird on a Wire
Big River

Umbrella Entertainment DAVID0069 (143 Mins)


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