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Cowboys In Cyberspace - June 2003

"Celebrity Surfers"

This month we asked 2003 CMAA Golden Guitar Award 'Duo of the Year' CARTER & CARTER to name their five favourite on-line locations.

Ladies first; here's what Merelyn picked:

"...If I had to tell you most my used sites, they would all be business, you know the bank, airlines etc. so I am not going to do that. My favourite site at the moment is Hayes and Jarvis - Worldwide Holidays. It has always been my dream to sing my way around the world. Luckily my dream is starting to come true, but there is so much to see, so I like to go to this web page and dream. It takes me to just about anywhere I want to go, and gives me the opportunity to tailor make a holiday. I'm hoping I'll get to use this site more and more, and not just to dream but to make it happen!

Then of course I like to go to the Country Tracks Top 30 to see what songs are charting on the radio at the moment. We keep a good eye on this whether or not we have a song in the charts, because many of the artists who are in the charts are our friends, and it is great to be able to follow what is happening with their songs."


Next, David made his choices:

"...The site that I visit every Tuesday to get an update on what's happening and for any links or information on other artists, festivals etc. is the official CMAA website ( Australian Country On-Line. The website is full of vital information that helps us keep up to date with developments in country music in Australia and overseas.

I am a big fan of computer games and for Christmas I received a copy of a game called Neverwinter Nights. The official website for this game ( features clues, new games, people you can play online with, fixes for faults, how to create your own game and so on. I've always been a big fan of fantasy games (I love the new Lord of the Rings films) and it's a great way for me to relax and unwind."

Thanks to Merelyn and David for sharing with us. Interesting selections from this hard-working duo who still find time to dream. Finally they agreed on this last choice...

"Of course, here's our own site ( at which we spend a lot of time catching up on letters in our guest book, checking out the new photos that have been added etc. One of our best friends Brad looks after our site, and he's a whiz at it, so we often go there to see what's new."

Until next month, happy surfing!

barbed wire
barbed wire
barbed wire
DVD cover
Phil Emmanuel LIVE in concert
Southern Cross

Sometimes it's hard to believe that PHIL EMMANUEL only has six strings and ten fingers. Here is a man packed with such musical ability that it comes bursting out in all directions, wild and barely tamed. One moment it's lyrical string bending and chicken pickin' and the next instant Bach or Mozart played at a hundred miles an hour. Phil and his band are filmed here playing live last year at Studio 54 in Bendigo, Victoria where producer/director Anthony Webster captured the true spontaneity of the event. With his exceptional band, Phil plays a variety of instrumental material including several of his own compositions plus classics like Albatross and Secret Love. His musical generosity extends to featuring all the players, particularly young Julia 'Julz' Parker who he rates as "...the top female player in Australia."

After they finished recording the DVD, it was late and the sound engineer had turned his gear off and started packing up. Tired as they were, Phil called for an impromtu rendition of Bob Dylan's classic All Along the Watchtower because he knew it was the producer's favourite. Julia stepped up to the microphone and the band bravely followed Phil as he let rip for 14 minutes! Fortunately for us the cameras were still rolling, unbeknown to the band. For authenticity, play this DVD with the volume turned all the way up, and then some!


  1. 6 String Overture
  2. Chariots of Fire
  3. Take Off
  4. Albatross
  5. Highland Anthem
  6. Electric Guitar Player
  7. Secret Love
  8. Joy
  9. Blue Angel
  10. Rhondo-a-la-Turka
  11. Along the Watchtower

Southern Cross (77 Mins including interviews)


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