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Cowboys In Cyberspace - September 2003

"Have laptop...will travel"

A Birthday celebration world tour...
                                       ...just a click away!

As COWBOYS IN CYBERSPACE hits the 6 year mark, it's wonderful to know that these words are being read on the Web by an ever-increasing number of Country Music fans around the globe, including not only Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK and all of Europe, but also Mexico, Russia, Japan, India and Iran!

Aussie troubadour AUDREY AULD travelled in June and July from New York City to Austin to California and all stops in between. You can read her intriguing day-by-day account in the Newsletter at her Web site. Over at Billy Block's WESTERN BEAT site you could (as I write) still listen to Audrey recorded live at the legendary Exit/In (Click on LISTEN and look for JUN 10). Audrey is pictured (above) in Nashville with fellow country-girl CATHERINE BRITT (photo courtesy of Allan Tomkins).

I don't know how far twenty-four-year-old Texan BEN ATKINS has journeyed, but as he jangles through his new album Mabelle sounding like a young Steve Earle, there are some well-travelled musicians in his band: producer Kym Warner, Kym's fellow GREENCARD band members Eamon McLoughlin and Carol Young, guitar hotshot Jedd Hughes and Lloyd Maines (Natalie's father). Check Ben's Web site to find out how they came together and get his CD locally on Shock Records.

SHANNON LYON might be a Canadian but he recorded his latest album in Holland. Appropriately titled Wandered, he sings tales of his travels and his "...loves and losses". In August he came all the way to Australia to sing and his album is released here on Collision Records. If you missed him in Gympie or around the East coast, visit him on the Web.

Living in metropolitan Sydney these days means no Country Music videos on TV or Cable, not even the wonderful CMC - Country Music Channel. It's great then, to find COOL COUNTRY FM making local artist's video clips available via their Web site. A great idea that I hope will continue to grow.

Continuing the trend of enhancing CDs with video clips, "new" boys on the Nashville scene, MARCEL and JIMMY WAYNE, have done just that on their new releases. MARCEL shows a keen interest in the video medium. His debut album You, Me and the Windshield comes with the bonus of not only the official video version of the single Tennessee, but also an alternate cut that he produced himself. On his Web site there is also a clip filmed by duet partner JESSICA ANDREWS and edited by Marcel. JIMMY WAYNE has enhanced his self-titled debut album with a lengthy video interview that shows him at work and play. Check his Web site to find out why " one has more of a right to sing country music than Jimmy Wayne..." and to watch the video of his single Stay Gone.

If you missed last month's Web-extra with photos of my sojourn to the RE'AL CROCHE Festival de Musique Nord-Américaine at Réalmont, near Toulouse in the South of France, you can now see it from a different camera angle at the Web site of WILD OATS RECORDS, home of Nashville singer/songwriter STEVE HAGGARD and rockabilly gal GAIL LLOYD (of Gail & The Tricksters).

Until next time, au revoir and happy surfing!


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barbed wire
barbed wire
barbed wire
DVD cover
The AV Channel / Umbrella Entertainment

When HANK WILLIAMS JR sings All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight he could well have meant all 16,000 fans that packed the Omni Coliseum in Atlanta, Georgia on February 11, 1989. I saw this same show in-person just two months later in Mobile, Alabama and I can attest that back then a 'Bocephus' concert was every bit as rowdy as it appears on this DVD. That said, during the interview and candid footage that shares equal time with the musical numbers in this film, Hank goes to lengths to dispel his reputation as a hard-living hell raiser. He presents himself in his private Montana retreat as a genial country boy more interested in the "...Elk count for the year and the duck population in the Mississippi flyway..." than in misbehavin'. He may have been in a reflective mood because he turned 40 while this film was being made, but in concert he was as full of bravado as any fan could have wanted.

Also included are the reminiscences of manager Merle Kilgore (who also worked for Hank's daddy) and a short 'Behind The Scenes Featurette'. Watch during the last song for a brief appearance on drums by a young Shelton 'Hank' Williams III who was 16 at the time. He is now 30, Hank Jr is 54 and Hank Snr would have been 80 this month. As the song says, it's a Family Tradition.

Umbrella Entertainment DAVID0125 (80 Mins plus extras)

My Name Is Bocephus
Buck Naked Young Country
A Country Boy Can Survive
If Heaven Ain't A Lot Like Dixie
Man Of Steel
Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound
Ain't Misbehavin'
Mind Your Own Business
Long Gone Daddy
Move It On Over
What You don't Know Won?t Hurt You
Family Tradition
All My Rowdy friends Are Coming Over Tonight
Oh Atlanta
Born To Boogie
If The South Woulda Won

Sept 2003
Canterbury Country
8pm, Sept 11th 2003

Leslie Avril, Dale Juner, Donna Boyd, Craig Byrne, Kim MacKenzie, Merrilyn Steele, Sweeney~Killeen, Andy Anderson, Mark Lucas, Bryen Willems,
special featured artists:
Dwayne Elix
The Murray Hillbillies,
and many more surprise guests!
(subject to change)



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