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Cowboys In Cyberspace - October 2003


It's launch time for new CDs and Web sites!

COWBOYS IN CYBERSPACE was there for the blast off when gentleman JIMMY LITTLE launched his new album Down the Road and we have a photo page of the star-studded night at our Web site. TROY CASSAR-DALEY was also there to sing the duet with Jimmy that opens the album. Jimmy's Web site has been revamped to celebrate his new release and there's an excellent decade-by-decade rundown of his illustrious career.

Offstage...Jimmy and TROY CASSAR-DALEY
Offstage...Jimmy and TROY CASSAR-DALEY

TODD WIILIAMS, who has his own new site, was there for the celebrations and Starmaker Todd is definitely headed upwards, even though his new CD is called Falling Down.

On-line voting has now closed for THE DEADLYS - The 9th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music, Sport, Entertainment and Community Awards. Latest news can be found at the VIBE AUSTRALIA site. Jimmy, Troy, Todd, Warren H. Williams and The Donavans are all nominated. Also, Kev Carmody and Roger Knox are finalists for the prestigious Outstanding Contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music award. The big show is at the Sydney Opera House on October 13th.

TROY popped up again, performing at the fantastic 2003 GALSTON COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL and again at the gala CMAA AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY MUSIC ACHIEVER AWARDS 2003, and once more we have pages of photos for you to browse.

The ACHIEVER AWARDS climaxed with rousing all-star renditions of True Blue and Waltzing Matilda, led by JOHN WILLIAMSON. The debate about whether Waltzing Matilda should be sung at the football has been raging on the Web as well as everywhere else.
CD coverJohn recently had a launch of his own, for the release of the epic TRUE BLUE TWO album that features more of the best and the latest from his vast and essential body of work.

We gave away 5 copies of the fabulous 2-CD set TRUE BLUE TWO by John Williamson, courtesy of EMI Records. Competition closed Nov. 7th, 2003.

NU COUNTRY FM Radio may be gone, but NU Country TV rises from the ashes and hits the small screen this month. The excited outlaw crew will broadcast weekly on Melbourne's C31 from October 4th. Check their Web site for more details and updates.

barbed wire
barbed wire
barbed wire
DVD cover

EMI / Gumleaf Recordings

Just for starters, TRUE BLUE TWO contains all of the original TRUE BLUE video collection, digitally re-mastered and appearing for the first time on DVD. Add to that, the latest collection of film clips from JOHN WILLIAMSON and you have a total of 47 live and studio performances, culled from a career that spans over 30 years. To hear and see these songs together, many filmed at the spectacular locations that inspired them, you would think that this anthology should be compulsory viewing for students, travellers, or anyone who wants to understand what makes Australia so truly amazing.

There are just enough interview snippets to illuminate the message behind some of the songs, without interrupting the enjoyment of the flow of music. Highlights...well, where do you start? Duets with Sara Storer, Jimmy Little, Warren H. Williams; the cricket songs, the rugby songs; from the hilarious (Pixie) to the poignant (Salisbury Street); from John with just a guitar by the campfire to the orchestral backing of the True Blue - 21st Anniversary version; and of course, Waltzing Matilda. Sing it loud; sing it proud - John Williamson leads the way.

EMI/ Gumleaf Recordings 7243 490772 0 4 (180 Mins)

Mallee Boy, Raining on The Rock, Cootamundra Wattle, I'm In The Mood, Boomerang Café, Boogie With M'Baby, Cracker Night, Shelter, Budgie Song, Bill The Cat, Crocodile Roll, Galleries Of Pink Galahs, A Bushman Can't Survive, Beachcomber From Wollongong, Papa Whisky November, Drover's Boy Waratah Street, A Flag Of Our Own, Rip Rip Woodchip, This Is Australia Calling, True Blue, I'll be Gone, You Are Very Welcome (World Cup Song), Keep Australia Beautiful, Sing You The Outback, Raining On The Plains (with Sara Storer), Buried In Her Bedclothes, A Thousand Feet, Three Sons, Prettiest Girl In The Kimberley, Diamantina Drover, Campfire On The Road, Raining On The Rock (with Warren H. Williams), Tropical Fever, Woman On The Land, Purple Roses, Butter Outa Grass, The Easter Bilby, River Crying Out, A Mighty Big River, This Ancient Land (with Jimmy Little), Sir Don, The Baggy Green (with Steve Waugh), A Number On My Back, Waltzing Matilda (Rugby version), True Blue - 21st Anniversary (With Orchestra & Chorus), Salisbury Street.


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