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Cowboys In Cyberspace - March 2004


There's a gold rush at these sites!

Don't let all the gold dazzle you when you visit the Web site of the gorgeous SARA STORER! Have a look around and you'll find lots of photos from Tamworth, a backstage post-awards interview and all the dates for Sara's tour of the East Coast this month. At the JOHN WILLIAMSON site you'll find his Awards list updated with not only the Golden Guitar winning duet with Sara, but also his Tex Morton Award from the TAMWORTH SONGWRITERS' ASSOCIATION. John's music page now includes lyrics, chords and samples of 20 of his best songs as chosen by his fans. You can also find those fans comparing notes on his Discussion Board regarding John's recent shows in the USA.


There are plenty of smiles to be seen at the ADAM HARVEY site, while the girls of BELLA shed a few happy tears amongst their laughter. The gold also glistens at the TREV WARNER site and since we last visited, the GRAEME CONNORS site has had a new 'flash' makeover.

LOUVIN BROTHERSLivin', Lovin', Losin' - Songs of the Louvin Brothers scored two well deserved Grammy awards last month: Country Album of the Year and Best Country Collaboration With Vocals - How's The World Treating You by James Taylor & Alison Krauss. This tribute to the timeless music of the LOUVIN BROTHERS, Ira and Charlie, is well represented on the Web with plenty of info and an E-card that plays a sound sample from every track on the album, including the collaboration between Vince Gill and Terri Clark.

TERRI CLARK Playboy magazine are this month's losers: While TERRI CLARK was in Australia, she was making the decision to ultimately turn down an offer to pose for their cover. Saying that " Playboys go, I've always been more partial to Bob Wills' band". In Terri's Web journal, about her first visit Down Under, she noted that after seeing the girls on Coogee Beach for the first time, "...To think I am getting offered money to show what the girls here are giving away for free kinda freaks me out a bit!"

barbed wire
barbed wire
barbed wire
DVD cover

The title gives it away: you get the best seat in the house for this live concert plus perfect sound. What better way to enjoy the alluring stories of the characters that spring from the pen of GRAEME CONNORS and who dwell within his magical songs. There are 22 of those songs offered here from across the breadth of Graeme's long career as a writer and performer, including A Little Further North Each Year, The Ringer And The Princess and the more recent The Simple Truth. Some of them are as you'd expect while others vary from the original recordings, having evolved musically over the years to perhaps become the definitive versions. There are also Graeme's own versions of co-written songs such as Stay Where You Are (Brendon Walmsley) and This Time (Beccy Cole).

Graeme rightly pays tribute to the two musicians that accompany him for this concert, for capturing the essentials of his music within this stripped down format; the understated versatility of Tim Wedde on piano, accordion, mandolin and vocals, and James Gillard on bass, guitar and vocals who quietly shows here why he is surely the cornerstone of contemporary Australian Country musicianship. Adding some deft cello lines to a few songs is Ian Bofinger from the Mackay Conservatorium of Music. Graeme keeps the introductions short but illuminating, never pre-empting the hook in the lyrics, but letting the songs reveal as much about us as a people, as it does about himself as an individual - undeniably UP CLOSE.

ABC Music/Universal Music 13649
(102 Mins)

I'm Gonna' Talk You off Your Feet Tonight
Let The Cane Fields Burn
A Blessing In Disguise
The Good Things In Life
Let It Rain
Before I Went Crazy On You
I Notice These Things
A Little Further North Each Year
We're A Long Time Dead
A Soft Place To Fall
Son Of A Son Of A Son (Of A Railway Man)
Lost Cities Of The Heart
Stay Where You Are
This Time
The Simple Truth
Every Time You Fall In Love
The Ringer And The Princess
The Road Less Travelled
Sicilian Born



Until next time, happy surfing!

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