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Cowboys In Cyberspace - May 2004


Country Music stars on the move!

When your favourite artists hit the road, their Web site can be a great place to find out where they are and how their travels are progressing.

WAYNE HORSBURGH is back in the USA after a successful season here in Australia. During May, Wayne can be found at 'World-Fest' at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. From there he will travel to Kentucky Down Under, an Australian themed animal park near Horse Cave, Kentucky. Their Web site shows the educational side of the park where school students can experience the wonders of live kangaroos and emus or practice throwing boomerangs!

AUDREY AULD will be at Billy Block's Western Beat held at the legendary Exit/In in Nashville, early in May. You can still hear Audrey's previous appearance there via the Western Beat site (look under 'Listen' in their menu). Audrey then performs in California, her current base, where she also recently co-hosted a radio show featuring Australian music. By June, Audrey will be touring Texas.

DONNA BOYD and friend 
DONNA BOYD has embarked on what is possibly the largest ever U.K. tour by a visiting Australian Country Music artist - 40 shows in 50 days!

Watch Donna's Web site during May and June for her personal journal, written while on the road.

The JOHN WILLIAMSON Gig Guide is an epic read. At his Web site you can also sample the DVD reviewed on the right.

JASON McCOY is back touring his Canadian homeland now, but check his Web site for some photos from his Australian trip. Meanwhile our own KEITH URBAN has topped the Canadian singles charts for the third time and (at the time of writing*) was slugging it out for the U.S. top spot with KENNY CHESNEY. Keith is on tour with Kenny at the moment, so that must make for some interesting backstage banter!


barbed wire
barbed wire
DVD cover
with Pixie Jenkins &
Warren H Williams

EMI / Gumleaf Recordings

It began as the TRUE BLUE REUNION TOUR but has now taken on an extended life of its own as MATES ON THE ROAD. Almost a year on already, this show looks unstoppable - conquering Australasia and even dipping a global-toe into the U.S. waters with great success. This DVD presents the full show; over two and a half hours of it, recorded live last year at the Evan Theatre, Panthers World of Entertainment in Penrith. Even as JOHN WILLIAMSON introduces the very first song, you are drawn into his world of campfires, stories and song. Eventually he is joined by his mates; first PIXIE JENKINS, master fiddler and clown, and finally the multi-talented WARREN H. WILLIAMS. Together they conjure up the spirit of the land and its people, and present it with humour, warmth and love.

The 'extras' on the DVD are footage of the first rehearsal for the tour, an interview with Pixie (including brief flashes of seriousness) and an interview with the soft-spoken Warren, together with some archive footage of their careers.

While John's stories are an integral, indeed essential part of the live Willo experience, you may after repeat plays wish to hear/see just the songs; well, the DVD gives you that choice as one of the options in its menu. Either way, you are going to see and hear a fabulous concert with stunning state-of-the-art vision and a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Soundtrack. A virtual campfire at home!

EMI/ Gumleaf Recordings 5994619
(180 Mins)

Until next time, happy surfing!

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