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Cowboys In Cyberspace - August 2004


...I ain't no high class broad(band)"

Gretchen Wilson at The Basement in Sydney on Saturday July 3
Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman - LIVE at The Basement in Sydney on Saturday 3 July 2004

It's hard to imagine how many of the numerous trailer parks in rural Pocahontas are hooked up to the Internet, but my guess is that there would be more than you'd expect. In any case, they are all probably logging on to view the Web site their hometown darlin' GRETCHEN WILSON. Sample her album Here For The Party, download a screensaver and, if you sign up for her newsletter, watch the Redneck Woman video clip.

Gretchen knows all the words to every Charlie Daniels / Tanya Tucker / ol' Bocephus song, so why not explore their sites and examine where her inspiration came from?

PAT DRUMMOND - The Chess Set
PAT DRUMMOND wrestles with the duality of man on his new epic 2 CD album The Chess Set. His alter-egos, the Black Knight on Volume 1 (The Age Of Dissent) and the White Knight on Volume 2 (The Descent Of Age), are unlikely to agree with each other and Pat is encouraging you to join in their debate. The interactive CDs contain Web pages with the liner notes for the album and extended details about the participants in the project. There are editorials on various political and social topics and if you feel you'd like to disagree, agree, or just have something to say, you are invited to visit the latest version of the pages on-line and contribute your opinion.

The KASEY CHAMBERS Web site has been redesigned in line with her latest chart-topping album Wayward Angel, including a special behind the scenes look at the making of her new video Like A River. There is also a chance to interact with all the other Kasey fans that inhabit her Message Board and who are very excited by the current tour.

barbed wire
barbed wire
DVD cover

DVD cover


In Salem, Virginia on the 26th October 2002, THE STATLER BROTHERS ended 39 years of travelling the globe together. This final show finds Harold, Phil, Jimmy, and Don in excellent form, joking their way through a concert that includes many of their hits, including Bed of Roses and Flowers On The Wall, until the inevitable tearful conclusion. There are no special effects, just great music presented with a lot of personality and class. The package also includes a bonus audio CD of the songs. A great legacy of the outstanding career of this legendary vocal group.
7323548 (87 Mins)


This special was filmed in 1989 when an audience of dignitaries and friends gathered to pay tribute to WILLIE NELSON. They were treated to a debut performance of what was then his latest album, Wonderful World. Willie and band, looking uncomfortable in formal tuxedos (although Willie retains his red, white and blue guitar strap and wears a leather cap), perform the entire album and then a few other favourites. Roger Miller steps up for a duet on Old Friends and the show ends with On The Road Again. Visually the performance is a little stilted but musically it is sublime.
Umbrella Entertainment
DAVID0128 (60 Mins)



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