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Cowboys In Cyberspace - February 2006


Tamworth Country Music Festival on show
via the World Wide Web.

The TAMWORTH REGIONAL COMMUNITY Website gave the most useful on-line overview of the festival again this year. Rob BreeseAs well as the regular local event news and weather, the festival section contained on-line ticket sales to many shows and accommodation bookings plus photos of the buskers (Rob Breese pictured). Tamworth Regional Council again installed 2 silent webcams in the CBD area to show the world a small part of the atmosphere of Australia's premier country music event. With images that updated every three seconds, camera 1 rotated on a programmed tour showing many different street scenes between 7am and 10pm, while camera 2 was static and aimed at one particular live stage in Peel Street. Although there was no music to hear, it was fascinating to watch the passing crowds making their way around the town.

KIRSTY LEE AKERS There was plenty of music when the 2006 Telstra ROAD TO TAMWORTH finals were webcast to the world and for the benefit of half of the Grand Final judging panel; three American record company executives who were watching live in Nashville. It was an excellent on-line show with great camera work and clear sound. Winner NICK KINGSWELL from Phillip Island will now be Nashville bound and so will KIRSTY LEE AKERS (pictured) from Newcastle who won the newly established Pub With No Beer Songwriter's Award.

Best Internet news coverage of the festival came from COUNTRY MUSIC BULLETIN who posted daily information updates including the winners of major competitions and awards and were first with all the breaking news.

BUSHFAERY (a.k.a. "wild-haired, tutu-wearing accordion player" Melanie Williamson) pushed the boundaries at the festival last year with her Tamworth Tonight show. This year, she expands her coverage even further as special guest presenter for Pandora Box on QUEER TV (Foxtel/Austar channel 'Aurora' Wednesday nights at 9.30pm). Bushfaery will be featured in segments that include the red carpet event at the Country Music Awards.

barbed wire
barbed wire


DVD cover


If you have heard the latest JOHN WILLIAMSON album, you'll know that CHANDELIER OF STARS contains a remarkable set of songs that explore his love of the outback, plus some highly personalised and revealing stories about his life and career. Quite rightly the music has been on the charts since its release last year. Now we have the DVD version which presents all 12 songs in perfectly paced visual form, filmed in and around Alice Springs. Each number is introduced by John himself, further adding to the lyrical content of songs. Pixie appears around the campfire and the significant presence of Warren H. Williams looms large over the proceedings. The legendary Chad Morgan adds levity with his duet on A Country Balladeer.

The short extra feature 'Uluru Dawn' comes from the 2005 Australia Day ceremony at 'the Rock' in the Northern Territory. John and Warren sing Raining On The Rock, followed by Trevor Adamson and John who perform Waltzing Matilda in their respective languages. Another quality release to add to your John Williamson collection and may there be many more!

EMI/ Gumleaf Recordings
0946 3 50573 9 3
68 Mins

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