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Cowboys In Cyberspace - March 2006


No, not Internet banking - Johnny Cash on the Web!

Following on from the Cash revival in the wake of the hit movie Walk The Line, we look at what Cash fans can see and hear on the Web. Revisiting the official JOHNNY CASH website, the only thing familiar from our last visit is the voice that proclaims "Hello. I'm Johnny Cash and welcome to". The site was relaunched last September to commemorate the second anniversary of his death and is a fitting tribute to his legend. Cutting edge design, the like of which has previously only been seen on CD-Rom presentations, stylishly delivers a great range of content that includes numerous audio and video clips.

The Walk the Line movie has its own dedicated website containing the obligatory trailer from the movie and lots of cool downloads, plus a great interactive 'family tree' that shows the influence of Johnny Cash on other musicians. Next comes Ring Of Fire - The Musical, now playing on Broadway. On their site a number of video interviews take you behind the scenes, including one with John Carter Cash, only son of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Check the cast list to find that 'Native Australian' Sherrié Austin is making her Broadway debut as understudy to two of the lead roles, having previously received critical acclaim for her role as Bonnie Parker in the 2005 New York Musical Theater Festival's The Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde!

One of the hot topics in Cash chat forums was the February 4, wedding of CARLENE CARTER, who tied the knot with Los Angeles television personality Joe Brown in Jamaica. There are several unofficial Carlene Carter fan sites around such as 'Baby Ride Easy' which includes a link to who have three full length videos of her earlier songs on offer.

The stunning new ROSANNE CASH album Black Cadillac deals with death, grief and on a more positive note, personal redemption. Within a two-year period, Cash's mother (Vivian Liberto, the first wife of Johnny), father and step-mother (June Carter Cash) all died. Grappling with that impact is addressed in a touching and hopeful personal message from Rosanne on her site.

Bosco and Jacqui On a local note, Bosco Bosanac formerly with 60s guitar band The Atlantics and Golden Guitar winner Mike Fox & The Tennessee Ramblers, has a new tribute show called CASH ON DELIVERY. Bosco presents the 'Man In Black', often joined by his wife Jacqui as June (pictured). Great entertainment!

barbed wire
barbed wire


DVD cover


Another excellent release from the Austin City Limits series, repackaging television concerts that were originally edited to half an hour in length and presenting them in full on DVD. Here we see Johnny Cash, recorded on the 3rd of January 1987 with his full stage band. This is not the angry young man portrayed in Walk The Line, nor the elder statesman that would soon be reinvented by the American Recordings series of albums. It is however, Cash in full control of his talents and that commanding presence that marks him as a legend the moment he walks on stage.

As Johnny said to the Austin City Limits producer, "Doing this show means a lot to me because it's all about the music." So with little fuss, he performs 13 songs that embrace the hits (Folsom Prison Blues, Ring Of Fire, I Walk The Line) and newer additions to his repertoire (Sam Stone, Let Him Roll) including a duet with June Carter Cash, Where Did We Go Right? In the wake of so many documentary presentations, it is an enjoyable change to just see and hear the great music.

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