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Cowboys In Cyberspace - July 2006


She's a Hillbilly Pickin' Ramblin' Web Surfin' Girl...

CATHERINE BRITT probably feels like she is on the world's longest tour, a seemingly non-stop sojourn to promote her music across the USA and indeed the world. On those long whistle stops Catherine uses the Internet to keep in touch with family and friends and for relaxation she does a bit of window-shopping and has a few laughs as well.

Mike Carr and The official CATHERINE BRITT site is one of the most beautifully designed sites on the Web with a user interface that resembles a real diary that opens and is stuffed with notes and souvenirs. However, if you want the latest news and tour dates your best bet is to visit HILLBILLY BRITT, the Catherine Britt Fan Site that is run by a team that are very close to Catherine so the news is right up-to-date with the latest happenings, including the story of our own Newcastle girl returning home this month to take part in the Aussies Walk The Line tribute to Johnny Cash at Star City in Sydney (Catherine is pictured here with fellow star Mike Carr who will also appear in the show). Hillbilly Britt also contains great audio and video of Catherine live and a forum where her fans can exchange messages and photos.

eBAUM'S WORLD is a huge collection of jokes, videos, images and links. Look under 'Pictures' for a collection of Disturbing Album Covers (and no Catherine, I'm not going to admit which of those people I've actually worked with!) There are lots of giggles to while away the hours but do heed the warnings if you are easily offended and do try to dodge the pop-up ads and, in the tradition of those funniest videos TV shows, kids...don't try this at home!

Catherine also enjoys ALBINO BLACKSHEEP which focuses more on the community aspect of bringing together the work of many computer animators who work with a technology called Flash. They range from the hilarious to the thought-provoking and many are quite brilliant with cutting edge ideas and techniques. This is painstaking work for the authors who are naturally touchy about their copyright and you'll note a feud with the previous site we mentioned. A showdown on the World Wild Web?

Catherine Britt When she has had her fill of humour, Catherine likes to check out this 'great clothing company', the FREE PEOPLE CLOTHING BOUTIQUE. A budding country music superstar needs to keep an eye on fashion and they have every thing from outfits to accessories and shoes. On-line shopping that's always available, even when the mall is closed!

barbed wire
barbed wire


DVD cover


It's the Fourth of July, 2005 and The Charlie Daniels Band is playing to more than 100,000 fans on the Riverfront in Nashville. Patriotism is running high and the band and are firing; screaming triple harmony lead guitars, fiddle and great Southern music. Charlie Daniels, who will turn 70 this year, has a track record that few can equal. In the sixties he co-wrote a song recorded by Elvis, went on to play sessions for Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr and Marty Robbins, formed the CDB and had hits with The South's Gonna Do It Again, Long Haired Country Boy and Devil Went Down To Georgia (just three of the songs included here) and that's only a few of the highlights!

CDB DVD LIVE is the band's first ever live concert and it includes bonus features such as 'behind the scenes' of the concert, interviews and historical footage from Volunteer Jam II in Murfreesboro, Tennessee 1975, one of the many multi-artist concerts that Charlie staged, music videos and a very special tribute to America's military including footage from Charlie's 2005 trip to Iraq and Southwest Asia.

(via Shock in Australia)
120 Mins


Until next time, happy surfing!

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