Bob Howe – THEN & NOW

with Frank Ifield 1982
Bob with Frank Ifield, Geelong 1982

with Frank Ifield 2003
…and 30 years later, Sydney 2012

Bob with Diana Trask 1980
Bob Howe with Diana Trask
at Twin Towns Services Club, 1980…

Bob with Bob with Diana Trask 2010
…and at Canterbury Country,
30 years later in Sydney 2010

Bob Howe with Roy Cooper 1979
Roy Cooper and Bob at
Roy’s Soundlab Studios, 1979…

Bob Howe with Roy Cooper 2012
…and 33 years later at Maitland City
Bowls Sports and Recreation Club, 2012

Barbary Coast 1984
The BARBARY COAST Band in 1984
L to R: Bob, Bugsy, Robbo, Basil, Cozy
Barbary Coast 2010
2010 – The BARBARY COAST Band reunion at Earls Barton WMC.
L to R: Bob, Bugsy, Robbo, Basil, Cozy
Watch a song from Bob’s 25th year reunion with the band in 2009, here:


Bob with Johnny Chester 1981
Bob Howe with Johnny Chester
on a windy Melbourne day in 1981…

Bob with Johnny Chester 2008
…and at the Smoky Dawson tribute concert
in Sydney 2008

Bob with Jerry Arhelger 1988
Bob Howe with Jerry Arhelger
in Mobile, Alabama 1988…

Bob with Jerry Arhelger 2008
…and at the Sheraton Hotel in
Nashville, Tennessee 2008

with Donna Fisk 1982
…with Donna Fisk
Melbourne 1982 FEIP Awards…

with Donna Fisk 2003
…and whipcracking
in Sydney 2003

with Lucky Starr 1981
…with Lucky Starr
1981 Myer Music Bowl…
with Lucky Starr 2003
…and in Sydney
New Year’s Day 2003

with Terry Gordon in 1979
…with Terry Gordon
recording in Sydney 1979…

with Terry Gordon in 2004
…and above at the
Mildura CM Festival 2004

Hillbilly Heaven 1990

Above: Hillbilly Heaven 1990
Bob, Leon Isackson, Wayne Appleby, Bill Pittman
Below: Hillbilly Heaven 2002
Naomi Coggan, Terry Phillpot, Bob, Keith Glass, Tomi Graso, Allan Tomkins

Hillbilly Heaven 2002


Hillbilly Heaven 2008 with NICKI GILLIS who regularly joins the boys to co-host Canterbury Country.”
(left to right): Allan Tomkins, Nicki Gillis, Terry Phillpot, Bob, Tomi Graso, Doug Boyd