Tamworth Festival 2016

Lonnie Lee and the Leemen onstage at the Tamworth Services Club. (Photo by Michael Parsons)

January 2016:

Bob was called in as a last minute temporary replacement guitarist for Lonnie Lee’s band, The Leemen. They played seven shows at the Tamworth Services Club (pictured above) followed by a rockin’ night at the Wallsend Diggers, to a sold-out crowd.

Alan Freeman, Lonnie Lee, Lonnie Lee, Leon Isackson, backstage.

Alan Freeman, Bob Howe, Lonnie Lee, Leon Isackson, backstage.

(Wallsend photos by Suzanne)

Bob and Lonnie Lee onstage at Wallsend Diggers Club

Bob and Lonnie Lee, onstage at Wallsend Diggers.

Bob also opened the ‘TOMKINS GUITAR SHOWCASE’ at West Tamworth League Club on January 21st.
Pictured below is Anthony Taylor, Redd Volkaert, Bob Howe, Allan Tomkins and Brad Bergen. 
The band is playing ‘Diamondtina Yodel’, the tune Bob named after his ‘Diamondtina 2’ model Tomkins custom guitar.
Tomkins Guitar Showcase Concert