Vale Pee Wee Clark

PEE WEE CLARKR.I.P. PEE WEE CLARK, ‘The Georgia Gentleman’ – a wonderful pedal steel guitar player and musician. Born in Macon, Georgia in 1930 and inducted into ‘The Australian Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame’ in 2012.

When I did my first professional recording session with Reg Lindsay in 1976, Pee Wee was on the steel guitar. He also played on my first record, ‘Prime Country’. Lots of memories of working with Pee Wee on stage and sharing the hotel room with him when we worked on the ‘Reg Lindsay’s Country Homestead’ TV show, flying to Brisbane to record two episodes every fortnight.

Pictured left and below, Pee Wee cheers me on at the end of my first solo TV feature, a rendition of Guitar Boogie, 19th April 1979.Bob Howe and Pee Wee Clark